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Determining the right size when choosing clothing is no easy task. Do I wear an M? Or is it a size 48? What does a size 102 in trousers mean? How to measure correctly? Our size charts with conversions make it easy.

Clothing sizes: how to take correct measurements

Measuring your clothing size correctly, will depend on the following:

  • Chest circumference: Under the armpits and across the widest part of the chest. Arms loose at the sides.

  • Waist circumference: Measure over the navel, making sure that the tape measure is sitting loosely and not too tight.

  • Hip circumference: Across the widest part of the buttocks.

  • Arm length: Place one end of the measuring tape at the base of the center of the back of the neck. Run the measuring tape over your shoulder, and let it hang down to your hand. Measure to the center of the meaty part of your palm.(Note: Some manufacturers also specify the arm length “from shoulder tip to wrist”.) Most size charts use this method.

  • Inseam: Measure along the inside of the leg from crotch to ankle.

  • Leg length: Start at your waist and lay the measuring tape along the side of your leg, down your thigh, until the tape ends where you would like your pant leg to end. For a traditional length, measure until near the heel of your foot.

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